SA Power Ball may be corrupt – initially it was announced that the R232 million had not yielded a winner and a few days later, they sudden announced a winner announced – majority of people are now starting to assume that this is a bluff game

ANC regime landgrab program is used in an attempt to recruit government votes for the upcoming election

Members of parliament accuse Eskom of holding SA hostage and trying to enforce money from taxpayers who are already suffering from the heavy debt of the ANC government

Numsa wants Gordhan’s head over extraordinarily high escalation costs at new failed power stations – according to Gordhan, power stations are “poorly designed and poorly erected”

All five campuses of the Durban University of Technology’s academic programs have been “temporarily” suspended after ongoing student protests

Economist says Zuma government cost taxpayers about R470bn – What a waste of good money!

Illegal land grabs take place in Durban after hundreds of people who are fed up with slow pace of housing delivery allocated plots themselves and start building shacks

WATCH | Nearly 50 pupils crammed into taxi – doing it the South-African way!

Rolling Blackouts on the cards as AMCU threaten secondary strike , AMCU represents about half of coal mine workers in SA

SA characterised by chaos and violence – Angry protesters barricaded roads with burning tires and set bus alight in Eastern-Cape