As anyone in the radio industry in SA should know, a given radio station is not the only one using their allocated frequency throughout South Africa, so to prevent one large station monopolising and blocking out the rest (as SABC has sadly done with, we have strived to allow all stations access to their frequency domain name / web site. For example, when someone searches 92.7fm on the internet it could be because they are looking for Radio Veritas or UkhoziFm or Radio 702, etc., who also use that frequency…

Whilst is a free service to the radio community, in order to assist listeners to find their favorite station frequency on the web, and to help smooth the switchover to digital, in order to support this service, you are allowed to advertise on the site/s coinciding with the frequency/ies of your radio station.

This includes adding your contact details, links to your site, banner ads, guest articles and posts or even your radio stream, etc.

These are some of the options that you can make use of (in any combination), to promote your station and also to assist in sending lost listeners in the right direction:

1: R20 per month: HTML Text link to your own website or stream, displayed on the homepage of our site aswell as on the page with all your station details (Paid annually).

2: R30 pm: We will host your radio stream directly on the website (coinciding with your frequency) on the top, so any listeners landing there will hear your station. This includes cellphones as our sites are compatible.

3: R100 pm: Small Banner advert with link (468×60 or thereabouts) that will appear between articles and reports on all pages of the site (minimum 6 month contract)

4: R200 pm: Medium Banner advert with link (468×60 of 250×250, etc.) that will appear on top, middle or right of all pages including the homepage of the website coinciding with your frequency. (minimum 3 months).

5: R300 pm: Large Banner advert on the top or top right of the homepage and top of all pages of the site (3 months).

There are also other options whereby you can rent the entire website or subdomain from us and put your own site on it or we can maintain it for you.

Please feel free to suggest any other options you might like to try – please Contact Us.

Every month hundreds of thousands of people in South Africa search for their favourite radio station online, mostly using search engines, however, due to the confusion between FM channel frequencies and the digital changeover, many are getting lost.  Have you typed your radio station’s frequency into your internet browser bar like your listeners would do or searched via an internet search engine?

First you will have to add “” so the browser or search engine knows you are looking in South Africa.

Secondly, you will have to use a dot or fullstop to denote the sub frequency, i.e. – on the internet this dot creates a “sub-domain”.

Having been early adopters we had the foresight to secure a series of domains, which puts us in a unique position to help. We are also Certified Google SEO/SEM partners.

The reason why our service is vital is because it affords the smaller people a look in. So if a large monopoly has taken over the radio frequency you use, never fear, we can help. Contact us to discuss.

Internet Radio is bigger than Facebook!

It may sound dramatic, but new data reveals online-streaming radio commands a larger audience than the social media giant. And that could cause advertisers to give Internet radio—which includes the online streams of broadcast radio stations along with Web pure-play services—a more prominent place in their ad mix.

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eMarketer estimates that 12% of time spent with digital media this year will go to Internet radio, compared to 6% on Facebook, according to a market survey by Xappmedia. Internet radio counts a slightly larger domestic audience, tallying about 159.6 million users at the end of 2014, compared to Facebook’s 156.5 million U.S. users as of January 2015.

As advertisers increase digital and social media marketing budgets, these stats bode well for broadcasters looking to monetize their online radio investments. Xappmedia notes that Internet radio offers advertisers advantages over Facebook and other digital ad options. Internet radio, for one, is a passive experience, played over a desktop or a smartphone while users continue other activities, such as driving or work. That affords advertisers opportunities to reach users throughout the day, even if they aren’t actively interacting with the medium. Internet radio is increasingly a mobile play, with between 75% and 95% of listening coming on mobile devices, according to Triton and comScore estimates.

Advertisers are apparently getting the message. This year, Xappmedia expects the number of advertisers using Internet radio will grow five-fold, generating up to $2 billion in advertising revenue, as “more advertisers are recognizing that mobile audiences are readily available on Internet radio and music-streaming services.”

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