WATCH VIDEO | Clifton Beach: Savages slaughter sheep during ritual sacrifice on the shores of the Cape in protest action to cleanse the beach of racism

Stadium in Cape Town, which was built for the 2010 Fifa football cup, is basically unused and is a burden on taxpayers and bankrupt municipalities

Come enjoy the Brandewyn en Boerewors Fees – Cape Town

Herfs Simfonie Seisoen Konsert – Kaapstad

Stellenbosch Vergenoegd: A Taste of Belgium 6th edition

Cape Town: Strongbow Private Affair

Stellenbosch Familie Dag Eaglesvlei met Renier Greeff

Durbanville: Blue Tuesday’s @ Die Boer

PAARL Piekniekkonsert / Picnic Concert: Die Heuwels Fantasties

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